3 tips to define the strategy of the members in your sports club

Members are the heart of every sports club. This phrase can sound very romantic. And it really is. But now we are talking about the economic engine. They are the ones who “pump” and “oxygenate” the club’s accounts.

Keeping your current members and attracting new ones is critical to the club’s survival. You must have a good strategy to guarantee a constant flow of partners and above all, to keep current ones.

To do this, you have to take into account the specific preferences and needs of your partners and your target audience.

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1- What do your partners want?

It is best to start with existing partners. Ask them. They will tell you first-hand what they want better than anyone.

Your club must offer a series of services for current members, but also for your potential clients. The goal of a club should always be to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through sport. But the new member your club chooses will not do it just for sport. There always has to be something else that sets your club apart from the others.

Your club also has a series of values ​​that it must comply with. Serving the community and upholding those values ​​is key to developing a strong club culture that attracts people who want to join your club.

As we have said, a club is not only a place where sports are practiced, it is something more. The most attractive clubs are those that offer a place where members are part of a family. They are not just teammates, but friends. If they don’t see their teammates as friends, the likelihood that they will continue in the club will decrease.

2- Sell your club

Yes, you read that right. Your club is a business and you need to exploit it to the fullest. It is a constant source of income, and you must treat your members as clients so that they add value to the club and invest in it.

Who is your target audience and what are they looking for in your club? What a parent wants – security and a team that their child can grow up on and train on – probably differs from what an athlete would like. Possibly, sporting growth within the club and creating a great competition team to face other clubs.

You must plan your strategy well and correctly position your sports club to differentiate it from the rest.

This differentiation we were talking about must be internalized and applied by all those responsible for the club. And it is not worth having it assumed, but you have to undertake actions to carry it out. A very interesting option is to publicize the key points on the network.

Most likely, anyone under the age of 30 is a digital native, and uses the internet and social media on a daily basis.

The rest of the older partners or some parents are still less prone to the use of technologies. That is why it is better to opt for traditional offline marketing methods such as brochures, posters and newspapers. Or more conventional technologies like email.

In short, define the strategy, implement it and follow up to see if it pays off. But never forget that the main objective of these strategies is, at least, to ensure a minimum income to maintain the cost structure of the club.

You can learn about the most effective ways to charge your club members in this post.

3- Once inside, keep them

We have already seen how important it is to have a good portfolio of members in your club. But once they’re inside, you have to take care of them.

Make your members get involved in all activities and make them feel special within the club. This will make them loyal customers, and they’ll be willing to spend their money at the club, bring in other new members, and serve their community for years to come.

Taking into account the opinion of your members is almost the most important thing to maintain the essence of the club. You must maintain constant communication with your athletes and know what they think of the club.

It is very interesting to have a direct communication channel through which you can communicate with your members at all times: email, a WhatsApp group or some communication app for clubs like Playoff or Clupik.

Keep in mind that, whether in a more informal way with common tools, or in a more organized way with specific apps, communication is one of the areas that you should never forget.

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